It’s our vision to build a pool of young and inspired resources for the benefit of the local business and communities. Making the Midlands an incubator for the best digital talent, through guidance, training , mentorship and demonstration.

Our journey starts with education. We provide a pathway for students to learn and experience the digital opportunities. Helping them prepare for the requirements they will need in the workplace.

Helping local communities / businesses to start, grow or expand their businesses in the digital space. Providing expertise and consultancy to transform or develop their ideas digitally.

Creating access to for employers to a resource pool ready to be integrated or the training and support network to help develop or retrain their existing staff.


We are looking for partners, premises and funding to take this to market and create the resources we need locally for the benefit of the local communities and digital industry.

For more information please contact Dave Hartshorne on 01623 650333 or email [email protected].